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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Property Shop - Dubai

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The Property Shop first opened in 1992; property in Dubai was still fairly scarce. Most of the time you had to take what you could get. But we still tried our best to find the right property for all of our clients. Now Dubai is teeming with potential properties for sale or rent, and is expanding on a daily basis. The good news is that means there is the right property out there for you. And we can help you find it. We have recently expanded our operations, and now have a team of 14 specialists in all areas of Dubai to help you with villa rentals, apartment rentals, buying and selling properties. The Property Shop can give advice on all aspects of moving in Dubai. We can also assist you with a curtains/blinds/soft furnishings service; pest control; full villa/apartment cleaning prior to moving in; window cleaning services; garden maintenance and landscaping; swimming pools and pool maintenance; painting & decorating. For landlords/owners, The Property Shop offers a comprehensive service of managing your property on your behalf.
We deal in the following city: Dubai

Property Type For Sale For Rent
Villas R S
Townhouses S R
Apartments R S
Res.Floors S R
Res.Plots S R
Res.Buildings S R
Offices S R
Shops S R
Warehouses S R
Com.Floors S R
Com.Plots S R
Labour Camps For Sale S R
Total S R


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