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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Panorama Real Estate L.L.C. - Dubai

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When property ownership was granted to expatriates in Dubai, thousands of buyers rushed to grab a piece of the action. Many people who had been renting decided to buy, and signed contracts without reading the terms and conditions. The result was confusion, dissatisfaction, and many first-time buyers ended up worse off than they had been when renting. We have been in the UAE for the past twenty-four years, involved in real estate. We felt that there was a need in Dubai for a service that protected the interests of both buyers and sellers. We wanted to ensure “win win” results for both parties whatever their objectives. We created Panorama with this in mind. Our client-focused service model and our unique blend of market access and experience help you find what is right for you. As licensed realtors, we provide the care, attention and expertise to help you speed up your search, reduce your risk, maintain control, and make buying, leasing or selling less stressful and more profitable.
We deal in the following city: Dubai

Property Type For Sale For Rent
Villas R S
Townhouses S R
Apartments R S
Res.Floors S R
Res.Plots S R
Res.Buildings S R
Offices S R
Shops S R
Warehouses S R
Com.Floors S R
Com.Plots S R
Labour Camps For Sale S R
Total S R


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