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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Speed Real Estate - Abu Dhabi

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Speed Real Estate is an Abu Dhabi-based property brokerage that provides an array of services related to the realty sector of the emirate. The company deals in buying, selling and leasing of residential and commercial offerings of Abu Dhabi. Along with the brokerage services, promoting crystal clear property transactions and infusing dependability among its clients, the company also provides building management and electromechanical services in the construction sector.

The real estate team of the company is divided into three parts, the sales team, the leasing team and the electromechanical team. Each team, dedicated to its sector, works efficiently and in harmony with its clients. For the best realty services in Abu Dhabi, visit Speed Real Estate today!
We deal in the following city: Abu Dhabi

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Contact Person: Speed Real Estate
Phone: +971-2-6771014
Fax: +971-2-6771013
Cell: +971-56-7225660
Office No. 105, Next to Dana Hotel, Turest Club Area, Abu Dhabi.

Property Type For Sale For Rent
Villas R S
Townhouses S R
Apartments R S
Res.Floors S R
Res.Plots S R
Res.Buildings S R
Offices S R
Shops S R
Warehouses S R
Com.Floors S R
Com.Plots S R
Labour Camps For Sale S R
Total S R


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