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Topuaerealestates.blogspot.com Announced its pre-launch; the company’s goal is to become the place to go for all things related to UAE Real Estate and Home Services. The company claims to be well on its way to achieving that goal, as they already have over 12,000 properties listed from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Topuaerealestates.blogspot.com is fully integrated with the leading real estate CRM providers in the region.

The company reports that the pre-launch marketing campaign gives a chance for the agencies and the portal to work together. It allows the agencies to list unlimited listings and test the portal and allows topuaerealestates.blogspot.com to study and evaluate various streams of marketing to better service the agencies and the end user once fully launched. The portal is easy to navigate, and has a contemporary design that provides many user friendly options for browsing and searching. Topuaerealestates will be providing listings from real estate agencies, developers, and service providers related to all aspects of finding a home and commonly associated services.

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